Little Old Me

Little Old Me

Monday, 30 January 2012

after a lapse

Well sorry for not updating been a busy old queen

Loads going on announcing some Blackpool dates with Tim James soon cant wait for those.

Via has been a busy old venue the last week or so my god do you lot know how to party.

Been for a few trips around the scene and well what is happening is everyone cutting back a distinct lack of entertainment out there was lovely to catch up with DJ Matty at Churchills and a few other places had some decent stuff on but also a lot of dross.

Tracey at New York's big 50 is coming up and i have been given a night pass by the big boss at Via to go and do a few numbers and such HO HO

Loads to do so HO HO for now


Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh what a weekend

Well it ended up quite a busy one the Via if not the village over the weekend.

Quite a few faces popping in to say hi lovely to see M/s  Terry (Jean)Gold getting her face away from that rimming stool and calling in for a sherry and of course Nathan popping in away from Churchills for a change you can tell Jolly Johns away HO HO

Popped out with the big boss Tony for a few small sherries on Saturday great night was had by all was nice to catch up with Paula and of course everyone else.

Popped into Polari for a couple cute man playing the joanna and a lovely calm atmosphere

HO HO for now and dont forget See you Thursday

And Valentines Day/Week has been announced at Via loads of LOVEY DOVEY FUN HO HO

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday The 13th

Ho Ho

Well boys and gals it's all busy at the Star home

The year has got off to a great start busier than ever (everyone wants a bit of Star)

Canal Street was a bit quiet last night but we had loads of fun in Via scaring the Straight boys and girls (Lock the doors and lets all have a go)

Friday the 13th scary day when nothing is supposed to go right - prepare for the worst is my motto so i am just packing my gear ready for the party at Via tonight and it's extra tights and extra nails and glue and a spare bottle of wine so if it all goes tits up i can just get pissed with everyone else.

I believe that they are putting up a new video feed to the TV's today so you can see me on the tele oohhh the technology.

Those bomb things (the drinks not the taliban kind) are only £2.50 at Via tonight so may have to try a few of them.

Well off to get a vajazel i think may be my lucky night - actually just thought with 2 pairs of tights on my bollocks will look like bank robbers with a tiara on if i have a vajazal.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

After Xmas


Well here we are after all the festive fun and jollities, a few pounds gained and i have seen more than a few turkey's and chickens being stuffed ;-).

Been quite busy down here in the crazy world of Via. Popped in to see  Smilie Steve and his Crapaoke and it was not as crap as advertised - Tranny Wednesday with Smilie and Crapaoke was a revelation you have to see "Nicole" doing karaoke fooooking hilarious.

Will have to pop in and see Gizell on a sunday soon as well as her alter ego Valentino King with all the wonderful Drag Kings.
It warms my cockles to see such a diverse group all over the village and in Via these days.

Well what will Thursday (tonight) bring i am sure the big boss will throw a few offers your way and i will do a few little cheeky numbers all a bit of cheer after xmas.

Ho Ho for now

Lee xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Start


This is the start and test for my new blog
lots about the village and Via and of course ME Lee Star